Frantz Marine is proud to announce the launch of its website this May 3, 2007. Commemorating the birthday of this event concurrently with that of its founder, CEO, and Owner - Dennis Frantz. Frantz Marine has exciting news with the Most Exclusive listings of vessels for sale in its 40 years of serving the commercial/industrial marine industry! Additionally Frantz Marine has several marine companies for sale in its Business Brokerage Division, including offshore tug companies as well as inland towboat companies - both small and large capitalizations.

-- Dennis Frantz
August 1, 2017
Pipe Lay Barge - Chief: Frantz Marine is pleased to have exclusively in it's hands for sale the 196' x 76' Pipe Lay Barge Chief. With 2 tier superstructure; quarters for 62 people; pipe tensioner - 50kps; stinger 40'; ...

August 1, 2017
Heavy lift derrick crane barge - DB350: Frantz Marine has exclusively in it's hands for sale, the 250' x 78' All Oceans, heavy lift derrick crane barge the DB350 with upgraded 4 point RB-97 mooring system; quarters for 64 people; Manit...

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